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warosu /vr//vr/ archiver
Unseen64info, screens and videos for videogames that were changed or unreleased, for curiosity, historic and artistic preservation.
nesdev.comNES Development and Strangulation Records message boards.
VGDensetsuConcept art, illustrations, cancelled games and obscure stuff.
Arc HoundRetro interviews translated from japanese
RPG Codexputting the 'role' back in role-playing
RPGClassicsMostly JRPGs
crpg addictBlog about playing every crpg ever in release order
Fantasy Adventuresadventure and role-playing games from the "golden age of gaming" from 1980s to around mid-90s
DJTyou can [not] learn japanese (old site)
Legends of Localizationdetailed look at video game translation and how games change during the translation process
Vimm's LairThis site is dedicated to nostalgia for many of the greatest game consoles ever made
Obscure Video Gamesweird old games most people forgot about
vgmpfVideo Game Music Preservation Foundation, the Wikipedia of video game music
VGMseum.comthe videogame museum
VGMaps.comthe largest source of screenshot maps on the Internet
NES MapsThe best place to find high quality maps for classic Nintendo games!
SNES mapsThe best place to find high quality maps for classic SNES games!
The spriters resourcehost to sprites extracted from games
ROM Hacking
/vr/ Homebrew-General List & Links Document/vr/ Homebrew-General List & Links Document
Zophar's DomainZophar's Domain is a 20 year old emulation website that aims to cover all possible consoles and operating systems, since Nov 9th, 1996.
ROM HACK DBSay goodbye to broken patches
Super Mario 64 RomhacksWe have a really big collection of SM64 ROM Hacks which wait to be played! Community News/Events will also be tracked here
Dragon Quest
Woodus.comA site dedicated to the Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest series of games
Dragon Quest WikiDragon Quest encyclopedia that anyone can edit
Realm of Darkness.netDragon Quest fansite
Final Fantasy
Caves of Narshea site providing detailed guides, information, fanart and fanfiction related to Square's classic Final Fantasy games
The Codex of Ultima Wisdomthe web's most comprehensive Ultima wiki
Raph Koster's WebsiteUltima Online's designer
UOThiefStories about being a thief in UO
Looter's LairLike UOThief
Legend Of Zelda
Zelda Legendslarge collection of Zelda material
Zelda Dungeonfansite
Zelda WikiThe Legend of Zelda encyclopedia
History of HyruleLoZ art
Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons
Uncharted Waters New HorizonsFor fans of the SNES, PC and Sega games
Hoeleng's Uncharted Waters 2 fansitea guide for those people who are still playing this great game.
UW2NH FAQThis faq is written by Eastpolar
Junker HQmake Snatcher and Policenauts available to a wider public.
Pixel Art
noirlacwhen kevin wins the planet loses
TOUR94"The Japanese computer industry will never admit it, but the tradition of closed architectures and high hardware and software prices has been a disaster for Japan"
Pixel DigestDreaming in Pixels
Old Websites
NoAOld NoA Site
Nintendo GBCOld Nintendo GBC Site
Sonic Adventureold

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