Uncharted Waters II: New Horizons


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>> " Been playing this game thanks to you shills. Jesus fuck how is this not regarded as one of the greatest games of all time? It's like if someone made a Final Fantasy game for people who aren't retards and then added in actual role playing elements that you can freely fuck with, a true sense of adventure and exploration and actual strategy. "

>> " two different games. UW gives you the whole world, SMP just the Spanish Main. some things in Pirates are more fun (ship-to-ship combat, duelling) and some aren't (dancing). Pirates gets extra credit for having done it first. but you can't undersell the appeal of having the whole world, or the inter-woven storylines, or being able to kit out an entire fleet of ships for trade, adventure, or piracy, or recruiting different mates, things like this. Pirates is obviously a classic game, there's no argument about that. it rules. but UW is more than just a knock off, it's Koei doing its thing with a trading/sailing simulator that adds combat too. there are some things that could be improved on. the cities are all functional and even have the local color and flavor, but they're otherwise basically identical. the duelling system is kind of weird, and while i'm glad it's there once you get the good sword and armor there's no need to bother with guns or things at all. there are other things to be nit-picky about if you want. but i don't want to be nit-picky, and i'm the guy who just blew his entire game because he forgot to sign the damn contract with the cartographers' guild. i still think it's an awesome game, i just haven't figured out who i want to play as next. probably the pirate girl. "

>> " It's a very good game and yes you should definitely play it. gameplay is.. imagine the art of final fantasy 4 but instead of battling monsters you travel around the world. so first you pick a character and it shows you who it is and his/her motives for wanting to sail the world. then you start off slow, and the game will explain how to make money in order to buy better ships. in the end you find yourself sailing from port to port as the story unravels, fighting the occasional pirate and/or enemies of your country. there's really nothing better than traveling far away from your home port and getting into storms and barely making it back home, rich as fuck but battered. then you repair your ship/s and resupply on food/sailors and out you go again! ship battles are turn based on a zoomed in map, and remember that if you're strong enough or have plenty of men you can try directly challenging the leader of the enemy fleet, when beaten all the ships are yours! "

>> " The REAL beauty of the game is you get 6 different characters (though it's kind of like 5 actually since two of them are the same class with different stats/gender), each tailored to certain ways of playing and each with a different story. Only one of them is an actual pirate and you can also pick a merchant or a naval captain (my favorite and apparently this guy's: >>2511283 as well) or a couple of "adventurers" (read: jack-of-all-trades) or a dude who's class I can't remember (basically an explorer, but I can't remember what they called it in-game). Each character can basically be played until you're "finished" or, if you just wanna dick around, just whenever you get sick of the game and even then you can just start up a new character. "

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